Exclusive 'Premium Plus' otters unveiled at Oregon Zoo

April 1, 2018 - 8:16am

New luxury line features same quality, extra quantity, with 60 percent more otter

A bevy of “premium plus” otters made their debut today in the Oregon Zoo’s Great Northwest habitat to great fanfare. Up to 60 percent longer than their “original model” counterparts, these luxury aquatic mammals stretch to almost six feet — about the length of a small reticulated python.

The new line was rolled out in response to otter enthusiasts’ seemingly unquenchable need for otters, both at the zoo and on Instagram.

“Our designers had to stretch their creativity a bit,” said Oregon Zoo otter development manager Sally Brookes. “There was nothing about the original model that needed improvement, people just wanted more.”

Staff start with the freshest, 100 percent organic, Oregon river otters and kick them up a notch by adding 60 percent more luxurious otter. The result is long on wholesome cuteness.

The long otters — nicknamed #ottercondas on social media — are not considered GMO (genetically modified otters).

“We are simply adding extensions to prolong the awesomeness,” Brookes said. “We hope these premium otters will inspire our community to go the distance and do something to help wild otters and their habitat.”

Brookes suggests supporting the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, which will protect otters and many other species North American wildlife. To do so, visit ournatureusa.org.