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A dark green crocodile monitor reptile looks at the camera

Zoo welcomes new crocodile monitor

A new crocodile monitor is making himself at home in the zoo’s Predators habitat. Read More
October 27, 2022
Two elephants step on two big pumpkins

Squishin' accomplished! Elephants smash giant pumpkins

Some of the world’s largest land animals demolished some of the area’s largest pumpkins this morning during the Oregon Zoo’s 24th annual Squishing of the Squash. Read More
October 13, 2022
A fluffy monkey with a white nose looks at the camera

Zoo welcomes playful pair of red-tailed monkeys

Red-tailed monkeys Indi and Chichi are making themselves at home in the zoo’s Africa Treetops habitat. Read More
October 10, 2022
A western pond turtle in the wild

Wild turtles get a pond makeover thanks to zoo, partners

Wildlife biologists teamed up with the zoo to install turtle basking structures in Yamhill County. Read More
September 8, 2022
Dan Ashe from AZA (white male) holds a small turtle

Zoo earns kudos from AZA accrediting committee

The Oregon Zoo earned kudos and another four years of accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums this week at the association’s annual conference, held... Read More
September 1, 2022
An Oregon Zoo-reared northern leopard frog is released into the wild.

Endangered frogs hop from Oregon Zoo back into wild

More than a hundred northern leopard frogs reared at the Oregon Zoo are hopping back into the wild this month, thanks to a collaborative effort to save one of the last... Read More
August 23, 2022