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Zoo mourns loss of Mochica, one of world's oldest penguins

The Oregon Zoo bid a sad farewell over the weekend to Mochica, elder statesman of the Humboldt penguin colony and a distinguished seabird ambassador for more than three decades. At 31 years old, he was one of the oldest — and best loved — penguins on the planet. Read More
September 7, 2021

Orphaned river otter pup finds temporary home at zoo

A playful 10-week-old river otter pup has taken up residence at the Oregon Zoo this summer after being orphaned along a roadside in Deer Island, Ore., last month. Read More
July 28, 2021

Animal-care spotlight: Preparing for changes

A recent survey from Banfield Pet Hospital found 32% of people with pets have asked veterinarians how to make their return to the workplace easier on their furry friends. Read More
May 21, 2021

2 Cubs + 2 tubs: Takoda and Nora show us how to stay cool

As a stretch of warm spring weather settled around Portland over the past month, 11-year-old Takoda and 5-year-old Nora did what many youngsters do: headed for their... Read More
May 7, 2021

Zoo's spring forecast: sunny with a chance of Nora

She made a big splash when she arrived here in 2016, and we missed her big-time when she went away. Now, as the Oregon Zoo puts the finishing touches on its new Polar... Read More
March 31, 2021

Snow day! Oregon Zoo animals enjoy romp in wintry blast

It was a winter wonderland at the Oregon Zoo today, as animals romped around in the season’s first major snowfall. Read More
February 12, 2021