News: conservation and species recovery

Zoo honored for achievement in conservation, design, diversity

The Oregon Zoo drew praise from colleagues at zoos and aquariums across the continent this month, earning three prestigious awards from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums — one for conservation work on behalf of imperiled Northwest butterflies, one recognizing achievement in workforce and audience diversity, and a third for design innovation at the zoo’s new Education Center. Read More
September 19, 2019

Oregon Zoo, partners return 16 endangered turtles to wild

With the help of volunteers and local wildlife agencies, the zoo returned the endangered reptiles to the wild at the Columbia River Gorge. Read More
September 18, 2019

Director's statement on Endangered Species Act rule changes

This week, federal agencies published rule changes that will cripple the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s most effective tool in the fight against extinction. Read More
August 16, 2019

Zoo, partners send 1,600 endangered butterflies into wild

Throughout July, zoo butterfly conservationists and partners will release more than 1,600 Oregon silverspot caterpillars in an effort to stabilize declining populations... Read More
July 18, 2019

New program gives endangered Northwest frog a leg up

Hundreds of imperiled northern leopard frogs will be hopping back into the wild soon, thanks to a pilot recovery program at the Oregon Zoo. The froglets, which the... Read More
July 17, 2019

It's a shellebration: Endangered baby turtles hatch at zoo

Four nickel-sized western pond turtles, which came to the lab as eggs earlier this month, are the first of this endangered species to hatch in the zoo's conservation lab. Read More
June 27, 2019