News: conservation and species recovery

Four ways to help elephants on World Elephant Day

Around the world, elephants are facing serious trouble. Here are four ways to make a difference.

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August 11, 2018

Oregon Zoo keepers care for orangutans in Borneo

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation rescues displaced, injured and orphaned orangutans. Most are rehabilitated and released back to the wild but some of them,... Read More

July 26, 2018

Zoo, partners release 500 endangered butterflies into wild

On July 12, zoo butterfly conservationists joined colleagues from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Seattle's... Read More

July 13, 2018

5 ways to celebrate Pollinator Week in the Portland region

Hummingbirds, bumblebees and butterflies are among the most adorable of all charismatic microfauna, and they also all happen to be pollinators. If that's not... Read More

June 14, 2018

Backscratcher helps old leopard with hard-to-reach spots

When keepers at the Oregon Zoo noticed Borris, a geriatric Amur leopard, was having trouble grooming himself, they began using a backscratcher to assist with his... Read More

June 12, 2018