News: conservation and species recovery

Zoo, partners send 1,600 endangered butterflies into wild

Throughout July, zoo butterfly conservationists and partners will release more than 1,600 Oregon silverspot caterpillars in an effort to stabilize declining populations of this threatened species. Read More
July 18, 2019

New program gives endangered Northwest frog a leg up

Hundreds of imperiled northern leopard frogs will be hopping back into the wild soon, thanks to a pilot recovery program at the Oregon Zoo. The froglets, which the... Read More
July 17, 2019

It's a shellebration: Endangered baby turtles hatch at zoo

Four nickel-sized western pond turtles, which came to the lab as eggs earlier this month, are the first of this endangered species to hatch in the zoo's conservation lab. Read More
June 27, 2019

Gov. Brown signs critical wildlife legislation into law

Oregon has the West Coast's highest rate of vehicle-wildlife collisions, but road trips could soon be safer for both people and animals, thanks to new legislation signed... Read More
June 7, 2019

Saving condors in Big Sur: A Q&A with Joe Burnett

Joe Burnett, a senior wildlife biologist and project coordinator for Ventana, recently spoke to the Oregon Zoo about the fight to bring condors back from the brink of... Read More
June 4, 2019

Last condor chick of the season hatches at zoo offsite facility

The eighth California condor chick hatched last month at Oregon Zoo's Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation, wrapping up another successful year — and marking another... Read More
May 22, 2019