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Elephant Samson is feeling at home, meets Rose-Tu and Lily

After exploring Elephant Lands and meeting Chendra last week, Samson is getting to know Rose-Tu and her 5-year-old daughter Lily.

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May 15, 2018

When Chendra met Samson: new arrival gets to know herd

Visitors might hear some enthusiastic trumpeting around the Oregon Zoo this week as the resident Asian elephant family greets Samson, its newest member. After an... Read More

May 9, 2018

Samson marks his birthday with a stroll, swim in Elephant Lands

Samson, the newest member of the Oregon Zoo elephant family, is having a big birthday. He celebrated his 20th year this morning with his first trip into Elephant... Read More

May 4, 2018

Elephant Samudra enjoys sunny weather with a pool party

After a long, cold winter, spring has finally sprung at the Oregon Zoo, and one resident in particular is diving in headfirst — trunk and all. Samudra, the 9-year-... Read More

April 23, 2018

Asian elephant Samson has a new home at the Oregon Zoo

Samson, a 19-year-old Asian elephant from ABQ BioPark Zoo in Albuquerque, N.M., arrived in town last night and caregivers are eager to welcome the extra-large... Read More

April 11, 2018

A step ahead: At zoo, elephants are walking more than ever

A local conservation biologist has confirmed what millions of Oregon Zoo visitors have already seen: Elephant Lands, the visionary new home for this community's... Read More

April 9, 2018