News: new zoo

Heidi Rahn walking with Don Moore near a construction site

New zoo director champions wildlife, sustainability

Heidi Rahn, a lifelong wildlife advocate with a focus on sustainability, has been named the Oregon Zoo’s next director, Metro officials announced today. Read More
October 4, 2021
rhino king in his habitat

Fit for a King: Zoo welcomes rhino royalty to new habitat

King, a 3,000-pound black rhinoceros, is making himself at home at the zoo’s new Rhino Ridge. Read More
October 1, 2021
A chimpanzee climbs a wooden structure at the Oregon Zoo's Primate Forest habitat.

Citizen oversight group praises zoo bond implementation

Despite a global pandemic, the Oregon Zoo continues to deliver on promises made in 2008, when the region's voters approved a $125 million zoo bond measure promoting... Read More
May 7, 2021
Polar bear Nora swims at the Hogle Zoo.

Nora's back! Beloved polar bear returns to Oregon Zoo

Nora is back! After spending the past few years at Utah's Hogle Zoo, the 5-year-old polar bear returned to the Oregon Zoo late yesterday and is settling in behind the... Read More
March 10, 2021

Zoo will offer inside look at Nora's new stomping grounds

Oregon Zoo visitors can get a rare bear's-eye look at history in the making Feb. 12-15. Read More
February 3, 2021
Jackson the chimp explores Primate Forest at the Oregon Zoo.

Chimps explore their new digs at the zoo's Primate Forest

Construction of Primate Forest, the Oregon Zoo's ambitious new habitat for chimpanzees and orangutans, is nearly complete, and the chimps are already making themselves... Read More
October 29, 2020