The Oregon Zoo offers discounted admission for Oregon and Washington individuals and families who qualify for a variety of income assistance programs. Find more information on additional discounts here.

If you have an Oregon or Washington photo ID and any documentation showing that you participate in any of the following programs, you are eligible to buy up to 4 tickets for $12 each for you and your immediate family members. Reserve discounted daytime tickets here.

Eligible programs:

These discounts do not include membership purchases and cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Benefits card and valid ID must be presented at the zoo to receive discounted admission. The discount is not valid for special events. 


Who can buy discounted tickets to the zoo?

Oregon and Washington residents who receive benefits through any of the following programs:

How does it work?

If you receive benefits on one of the programs listed, simply follow this link to purchase tickets. Then, bring in the approved documentation and an Oregon or Washington photo identification showing that you are the person receiving benefits. Proof of eligibility must be shown along with tickets to gain entry. Please note that the zoo does not control the parking lots in Washington Park, and parking is not included in the discounted price. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card or Washington Quest Card cannot be used to buy tickets or purchase food inside the zoo.

How many discounted tickets can I buy?

Up to four (4) tickets per visit or transaction for you and your immediate family. If your ticketing need exceeds four, you can purchase additional full price tickets matching the visiting date and time of your discount tickets here. If you need to add an infant ticket to your order, please stop at a Ticket Booth on your visiting date and we can issue an infant ticket at that time.

How do I get discounted tickets?

Discounted tickets must be purchased online in advance, using this link

Can other people use my EBT Card/WIC Folder to buy discounted tickets?

No. You must present photo identification showing that the documentation belongs to you or that you are one of the people listed on the WIC folder.

Do I have to show a photo identification?

Yes. You must be able to show that the approved documentation belongs to you. If you are unable to provide the required documentation, you will not be allowed discounted entry.

What is the age of dependent children?

For our purposes, dependent children are those living in your household under the age of 18. Anyone over the age of 18 who is receiving benefits should have their own documentation and identification.

I need supervised visitation with my children. Can the officer/supervisor get into the zoo under this program as well?

If the officer/supervisor is able to provide identification which shows they are working, they will also be allowed discounted admission. 

Can I use this discount to purchase a membership?

This discount program does not apply to memberships. Learn more about membership options here

We are committed to serving all of our community and ensuring that economic circumstances are not obstacles to experiencing the benefits of connecting to wildlife that the Oregon Zoo has to offer.

Discounted admission cannot be used with other discounts or special offers and is valid only during regular zoo hours. Proof of enrollment in qualifying programs, along with valid photo identification, are required at the time of purchase and entry. The discount is available only for qualified individuals age 18 and older and their immediate family (up to four total guests) attending the zoo at the same time as the qualified participant, one transaction per person per day. Without verification, Oregon Zoo reserves the right to decline discounted admission. This program and its benefits are not transferable, redeemable for cash, or exchangeable for any other products or services. Oregon Zoo may change, modify, or eliminate any and all discounts at any time without notice.