Nature Exploration Station

Get better acquainted with the natural world. It's closer than you think.

Small animals

Peer into the homes of tiny wildlife at the Insect Zoo to learn about the intricate connections we share with the natural world all around us. View behind the scenes at our Species Conservation Lab, where you'll explore the zoo's exciting work restoring native Western pond turtles to the Columbia River Gorge.

Small habitats

Stroll through the Wildlife Garden to discover which plants and flowers are irresistible to native birds, butterflies and bees. Build your skills as a naturalist. Join a group activity offered by organizations throughout the region.

Small actions

Get inspired to take action for wildlife. Whether you want to be an earth-friendly consumer, advocate for conservation of your favorite animal or reduce your carbon footprint, you'll find answers here. Learn how we can work together to have impact far beyond what any one of us can achieve alone.