Encounter giants

Get close

There's nothing like making contact with the world's largest land animal. When you look into the eyes of an elephant, you get something back.

Elephant Lands introduces visitors to the secret life of elephants—from the inside out. Up-close and panoramic viewing opportunities as well as views into behind-the-scenes areas offer an ever-changing perspective on the Oregon Zoo herd. Immersive displays along the habitat's meandering path engage all the senses to dramatically illustrate what it's like to "be an elephant."

The habitat also connects visitors with elephants in a dynamic new way. Elephant ID Stations using interactive technology allow visitors to identify individual elephants and report how the elephants are using their new habitat, providing valuable data that zoo staff will use to improve elephant welfare. Learn more about how you can support wildlife at your zoo and around the world by making a gift to the Oregon Zoo Foundation.

Be inspired to take action

Forest Hall's indoor elephant viewing area brings visitors into the story as we highlight the 5,000-year-old history of the human/elephant relationship around the world – including Oregon's own special relationship that began in the 1950s.

Most importantly, Elephant Lands invites visitors to support the zoo's work with elephant research and conservation. Whether financially, through volunteer service, or by changing personal purchasing behaviors, we want to inspire our 1.6 million annual visitors to take action on behalf of elephants and their wild habitat.