Veterinary preceptorship

Preceptorship program

This preceptorship is offered to fourth-year veterinary students with a serious interest in zoological medicine. Ideally, candidates should have completed their anesthesia, internal medicine and radiology rotations prior to participation.

This preceptorship offers experience in:

  • Chemical and physical immobilization
  • Clinical and anatomical pathology (postmortem examinations)
  • Surgery
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ongoing clinical cases
  • The components of a zoo-based preventative medicine program, including quarantine

To apply

Visit and select "View job opportunities."

Required documentation includes:

  • One-page cover letter explaining your long-term career goals and interest in zoological medicine 
  • Curriculum vitae or resume 
  • Two letters of reference 
  • Veterinary college academic transcript and/or GPA and enrollment status
  • Three possible date requests in order of preference for a duration of 6-8 weeks 


Carlos R. Sanchez DVM MSc
(Wild Animal Health) Veterinarian
(503) 548-2653