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Polar bear Nora swims underwater at the Oregon Zoo's Polar Passage habitat.

Polar bear Nora helps with Arctic conservation challenge

Nora has been beta testing the “Burr on Fur” — a prototype tech innovation designed by 3M in partnership with Polar Bears International to give conservation scientists a better way to track wild bears in the Arctic.

Wildlife bill could change Oregon conservation forever

Congress is on the verge of making a critical decision about the future of thousands of species — from gray whales to butterflies — as the window closes to pass the monumental Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.
Dan Ashe from AZA (white male) holds a small turtle

Zoo earns kudos from AZA accrediting committee

The Oregon Zoo earned kudos and another four years of accreditation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums this week at the association’s annual conference, held this year in Baltimore.