News: arrivals and departures

Oregon Zoo conservationists care for 23 tiny pond turtles

The Oregon Zoo's conservation lab is running on turtle power this week as 23 tiny northwestern pond turtles settle into their new home. Smaller than a walnut, the hatchlings are extremely vulnerable to predators. To give them a fighting chance, the little hatchlings are temporarily brought in from the wild and reared in the zoo's turtle conservation lab until they're big enough to go back to the pond. Read More
October 8, 2021

Fit for a King: Zoo welcomes rhino royalty to new habitat

King, a 3,000-pound black rhinoceros, is making himself at home at the zoo’s new Rhino Ridge. Read More
October 1, 2021

Orphaned river otter pup finds temporary home at zoo

A playful 10-week-old river otter pup has taken up residence at the Oregon Zoo this summer after being orphaned along a roadside in Deer Island, Ore., last month. Read More
July 28, 2021

Zoo's spring forecast: sunny with a chance of Nora

She made a big splash when she arrived here in 2016, and we missed her big-time when she went away. Now, as the Oregon Zoo puts the finishing touches on its new Polar... Read More
March 31, 2021

First condor chick of season arrives with a surprise bonus

The first California condor chick of 2021 arrived in spectacular and surprising fashion this week at the Oregon Zoo's Jonsson Center for Wildlife Conservation, kicking... Read More
March 17, 2021

Nora's back! Beloved polar bear returns to Oregon Zoo

Nora is back! After spending the past few years at Utah's Hogle Zoo, the 5-year-old polar bear returned to the Oregon Zoo late yesterday and is settling in behind the... Read More
March 10, 2021