News: arrivals and departures

A dark green crocodile monitor reptile looks at the camera

Zoo welcomes new crocodile monitor

A new crocodile monitor is making himself at home in the zoo’s Predators habitat. Read More
October 27, 2022
A fluffy monkey with a white nose looks at the camera

Zoo welcomes playful pair of red-tailed monkeys

Red-tailed monkeys Indi and Chichi are making themselves at home in the zoo’s Africa Treetops habitat. Read More
October 10, 2022

The 'cuteness' returns: Zoo welcomes back Pacific lamprey

Pacific lamprey returned to the zoo this month, offering guests another chance to see one of the Pacific Northwest’s oldest species. Read More
June 28, 2022
Julianne the chimpanzee walks across green grass

Zoo provides new home for retiring chimp group

The zoo welcomes five new chimpanzees to its recently opened Primate Forest habitat. Read More
May 24, 2022
orangutan Kitra holds her baby Jolene

It's a girl! Orangutan baby 'Jolene' makes zoo debut

Kitra's 3-week-old baby will be called Jolene. Read More
May 6, 2022
Kitra holds her newborn baby

Zoo welcomes new Bornean orangutan baby

20-year-old Bornean orangutan Kitra gave birth to a new baby on April 13. Read More
April 15, 2022