News: arrivals and departures

Young bontebok calf in a fluffy pile of straw

Zookeepers, vets rally to save rare bontebok calf

The rare African antelope is now a month old. Read More
March 2, 2022
A large rhinoceros trots in an outdoor habitat

Second endangered black rhino moves in at Oregon Zoo

Jozi, a 9-year-old female rhino, arrived in Portland last month. Read More
December 17, 2021
Two spotted-necked otters play in a pool

New otters are spotted in zoo's Africa Rainforest area

Lemmy and Lila, a pair of spotted-necked otters, are making themselves at home in the zoo’s Africa Rainforest section. Read More
December 3, 2021
Polar bears Nora and Amelia Gray play at the Oregon Zoo.

Polar pals: Nora and Amelia Gray meet for first time

Amelia Gray, the 5-year-old polar bear and newest Oregon Zoo resident, met her half-sister Nora for the first time this week. The two furry friends romped around Polar... Read More
November 12, 2021
A young polar bear walks on the grass toward the camera

Zoo welcomes young polar bear with a 'touch of gray'

Amelia Gray, a 5-year-old polar bear, is settling in at the Oregon Zoo’s new Polar Passage habitat. Read More
November 8, 2021